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On The End Being The Beginning or A Tale of Regaining My Confidence

My self-confidence is shot.  Why is that you ask?  I’ve been unemployed for well over a year now and it’s really shaken my belief in who and what I am.  I’ve lost faith in myself. This period of unemployment has even upset my spiritual beliefs.  There are days I really wonder who I am and what happened.  Where did I make that wrong turn? I know I AM intelligent, well spoken, talented and more and yet, my self-confidence is shot and I find that I have given up on myself.

I believe you can get to where you want to be if you believe it.  More importantly, your belief in yourself is the key to that success.  Our personal beliefs play a huge role in how we view our own life. Your estimation of your successes and failures will depend entirely on the framework of your personal beliefs.

You must believe in yourself before anyone else will take you seriously.  In other words, if you don’t believe in your product (yourself), service or your dream, why would anyone else?

Don’t give up on your dreams, goals, aspirations or yourself for you never know how right they truly are until you put them into action.

How Beliefs Work

In order to build a positive and empowering belief in yourself, it helps to understand how our beliefs are formed.  We behave and take actions based on what we believe to be the reality of what we can do, not in accordance of what we are actually capable of.  Everything we see, experience, think and feel is adjusted to fit in with our belief system.  So our version of reality is a creation of our beliefs.  Once we decide we believe something it is accepted by us as fact and rarely subject to scrutiny.  Change your thoughts and you change your reality.

Our assumptions of what is real become our “personal operating system.” Much like the operating system on your computer, our beliefs control how we sort and file data.  We develop our personal beliefs about reality based on how we interpret the world around us according to our observations and experiences.

Many of our beliefs were formed in childhood and aren’t valid for us anymore.  Others we got from situations or circumstances that have taken place in our life and are no longer relevant.  Imagine trying to run your current software on Windows 1.0, or some other obsolete operating system.  The same could be said of obsolete belief systems that are still influencing how we evaluate everything in our lives.  It is important to understand “your past is not your future.”  Many people are afraid to go for the life they truly desire because of their past results (or lack of results).  Remember, it was most likely circumstances beyond your control that created your limiting beliefs in the first place. But that was then and this is now.

It’s All About Confidence

Your self-confidence is tied to your personal beliefs about who you are, and what you are capable of.  These beliefs are influenced by your self-esteem, and reinforced by the results you have produced in previous experiences.

Having an empowering belief system gives us the energy to pursue our dreams, and the power to overcome obstacles. It gives us a sense of certainty in our ability to bring about a favorable outcome.  With an empowering belief system you take on new challenges anticipating a successful outcome therefore your level of commitment is also be greater.  These factors will combine to create another successful outcome, which will continue to fuel your level of confidence.  This will allow you to bolster your self-esteem, further increase your level of commitment, and produce your intended outcome. As a result, your self-confidence will grow.

When you carry yourself with confidence, people will naturally be attracted to that quality.  When you have confidence in yourself, others tend to feel that way also.  When you speak and act with conviction, it changes the way the world responds to you.

Developing An Empowering Belief System

The key to creating empowering beliefs is to have some measure of control over the outcome of your goal and in order to control the outcome you will want to start small.  Starting small allows us to generate some momentum.  Start by setting a reachable goal and then take action towards attaining that goal.

I have two main goals I’m working on right now.  One is to be fully employed by October 31.  The other is to lose 20 pounds by August 31.  When I hit these goals I will feel great.  When you hit your goals you will feel great!

When you experience success, set another reachable goal in that same direction and follow through with more action.  Continue this pattern until you become comfortable with your ability to produce your intended outcome. There is no straight line to success. You will zig-zag and hit obstacles. Just keep going and remember to celebrate your wins.

As your feelings of confidence grow, allow yourself to identify with your success. Learn to view yourself as a successful person and attach feelings of approval to your positive experiences.  Developing and displaying self-confidence will change your life on almost every level.

Confidence is like a powerful magnet that will attract into your life whatever opportunities, resources, or people are needed to facilitate your ability to create the life you desire.

Bhole Babaji ki Jai!